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Liquid floculant

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A polymer flocculant with great coagulating and flocculating properties. Capable of removing particles in suspension found in pool water.


- High speed of coagulation.

- Good speed of decanting.

- Satisfactory behaviour at low temperatures.

- Can be used under a wide range of pH levels.

- Elimination of consumption in product for the adjustment of the pH.

- Lesser tendency for provoking phenomena of over dosage.

- Eliminates the metallic ions such as iron and manganese.

- Forms flocculi, which are easily filtered.

- Lower contents of aluminium soluble in treated water.

- Eliminates organic matter.

- Effectiveness in water with high turbidity.

Improves bacteriological quality of water and therefore reduces consumption of disinfecting chemicals.

Dosage and instructions for use:

- Recovery Treatment: Ensure the filtration equipment is switched off and the pool empty of bathers before adding 10 ml. for m3 of water.


5 litres bucket.



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