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In our Online Store >Q-TechShopyou will be able to see and get our selection of products related to: Renewable Energies, Heating, Air quality, Water Treatments, Pools, Control and Telecommunications.

Why us?

Unlike other Online Stores that you can find on the internet, we Install all products that we sell. So in addition to having the operating experience, we will provide you with full technical advice that will ensure that you will not have any problems when you purchase one of our products.

High quality technical installations and maintenance

We design and create >Custom Installations< for private homes, businesses, hotels and sports centers. We use very high-quality brands and advanced technology.

Shortly ... QUALITY, TECHNOLOGY, EFFICIENCY AND HONESTY together to give the best of us in your installation.

Eshmún Sport Clinic

It has been a pride for Q-Tech to be able to perform the technical installation rooms of this avant-garde and high-quality Sports Center.

Great demand of hot water

Ventilation, Renovation and Air Treatment

Fluid distribution

Pressure Groups / booster pumps, Storage and Water Treatment

High flow water treatment

Private Pools & Jacuzzi

Private Pools & Infinity Jacuzzi

Reconditioning and consumption reduction

High Efficiency Air Water Heat Pumps

Heating and low temperature Domestic Hot Water

Reconditioning and improvements