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CTX-530C AlgaStop Ultra Power

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CTX-530C Algastop Ultra Power is a fast-acting, non-foaming algicide compound used to prevent and remove algae.


This is a highly concentrated product with the following benefits:
  • Environmentally friendly
    • Highly concentrated product.
    • Less use of raw materials, packaging and energy in its production.
    • 50% saving on CO2 emissions in transporting it.
  • Application control and minimum waste management costs
    • Exact control of product used (dispenser cap).
    • Reduction in waste management cost (Ecoembes).
  • Minimum occupational risks
    • Safe handling and no contact with the chemical product.
    • 80% reduction in load weight.
    • Easier, cleaner and more convenient.
  • 70% saving on storage and transport space
    • Reduction in product volume thanks to its high concentration.


  • Concentrated microbicide to eliminate all kinds of algae. Clarifies the water thanks to its flocculation capacity. Non-foaming compound.
  • Compatible with most disinfection treatments.
  • Fully soluble in water.
  • Reduces chlorine consumption. Reduces unpleasant smells.
  • Can be used with any kind of filter.

Dispensing and use:

  • Initial dose: add 180 ml (3 x 60ml) of product for every 50 m3 of water.
  • Maintenance dose: add 60 ml of product for every 50 m3 of water once a week.
  • The initial dose must be repeated every time the water appears not fully transparent.
  • These guideline doses can be changed depending on the characteristics of each swimming pool, weather conditions, etc.
  • Pour the required product dose into a container with water and spread the solution all over the surface of the pool, preferably at dusk and with no swimmers in the water.


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