Renewable energies

Renewable Energies: Efficient solutions that respect the Environment. Say yes to Q-Tech, say yes to renewable energies and enjoy saving on energy consumption, taking care of your environment and obtaining the energy you need to ensure your comfort. 

Do you want to renew your home boiler? Biomass products will respond to your wishes for their high performance, not forgetting our solar energy solutions where savings are guaranteed. 

If you want renewable energies to be part of your life, Q-Tech has reserved a multitude of products where energy efficiency and savings are combined ensuring your well-being and yours. In this purpose, biomass products are a guarantee since they take advantage of forest, agricultural, animal and vegetable waste to generate energy. The use of ecological and renewable fuels makes products such as biomass heating boilers a clear commitment to renewable energy in the home. 

Biomass and Solar Thermal Energy, much more than energy alternatives. 

Biomass is a renewable energy that respects the environment, as it does not emit uncontrolled greenhouse gases. If we add to this advantage its significant savings in energy consumption and its magnificent performance, biomass products are an excellent investment.

Within our catalog of renewable energies, keep track of our products in solar thermal energy. We provide you with a wide line of systems for thermosiphon installations capable of generating heat from renewable energy from the sun. With a diversity of models and capacities, from Q-Tech we will guide you in the choice of solar energy items as well as biomass products that best meet your needs.

Q-Tech, renewable energy specialists.

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Renewable energies