Bomba de calor Vitocal 100-S de Viessmann para ACS y calefacción - Q-Tech ®
Bomba de calor Vitocal 100-S de Viessmann para ACS y calefacción - Q-Tech ®
Bomba de calor Vitocal 100-S de Viessmann para ACS y calefacción - Q-Tech ®
Bomba de calor Vitocal 100-S de Viessmann para ACS y calefacción - Q-Tech ®

Viessmann Vitocal 100-S heat pump for DHW and heating

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Vitocal 100-S split heat pump: an economical energy generator with the Viessmann level of efficiency and quality.

The Vitocal 100-S split air-water heat pump is made up of two independent units: the outdoor unit extracts heat from the ambient air and brings it inside the home, both for heating and for domestic hot water. Depending on the working temperatures, more than 60% of the energy supplied to the home is renewable energy, that is, solar energy.


- Maximum performance heat pump.

- Flexible mounting of the outdoor unit (standing, wall-mounted)

- The reversible model allows heating and air conditioning (-AC variant)

- Easy-to-use Vitotronic regulation with text and graphic display, with coolant pressures, temperatures, status, etc.

- Optimized use of the current produced autonomously by photovoltaic installations

- Energy efficiency class*: A++/A+

- Installation management through application (iOs, Android) 

- Multiple applications, hot water, heating, cooling, swimming pool, etc

- Intelligent sequence (depending on COP) up to 5 units. 85.5kW

Split construction for flexible, space-saving mounting

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the indoor unit can be installed in the basement or pantry of the home like any other heating system. The unit is already delivered from the factory equipped with all the necessary components. The outdoor unit can be mounted on a wall or directly on the floor.

Functional equipment for many needs

The Vitocal 100-S is available in different variants: as a pure heat pump for heating and hot water production, with additional cooling function "Active cooling" to achieve a comfortable temperature in the home in the summer months , and, finally, the model with integrated electrical resistance.

Low consumption technology, designed for operation with self-produced current

The electrical components have particularly low consumption. The high-efficiency circulation pump for the secondary circuit is integrated as standard. In partial load operation, the compressor adapts modulatingly to the current thermal demand and thus maintains the desired heating, air conditioning and hot water temperatures. In combination with a photovoltaic installation, the autonomously generated current can be used to operate a heat pump, consuming only photovoltaic energy when it is available.

Convenient regulation via internet

Thanks to the free Viessmann iOs and Android applications and through the optionally available Vitocom 100 LAN1 device, the Vitocal 100-S air-water heat pump can be regulated via the Internet. Thanks to the Vitotrol application, also free, you can control many functions such as temperature regulation or party service from your smartphone, schedules, DHW charging, solar, etc.

Ideal for bivalent operation

In the framework of modernization, the split-type heat pump is ideal for efficient bivalent operation. In this case, to cover the maximum loads, the existing installation remains active at particularly low temperatures.

Heat pump remote control with Vitoconnect 100

To remotely control the Vitocal 111-S heat pump via mobile phone with the ViCare App you will need the Vitoconnect 100 interface.You can install it at any time, even afterwards, as it is compatible with all Vitocal equipment manufactured since 2010.

Technical data and models

Bomba de calor aerotermia Vitocal 100-S Viessmann


Download technical data

* Model for heating, cooling, DHW heating. Integrated electrical resistance. Another model, consult.  

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