Cloradores Salinos

Saline Chlorinators


    What is saline electrolysis and how does it work?

    Saline electrolysis is a simple principle that resembles the behavior of the sea:

    - We add salt to the water, approximately 4 grams per liter (equivalent to a tear, 9 times less than sea water).

    - The salt in the water will be transformed into chlorine gas through the electrolysis that occurs in the cell.

    - Chlorine gas destroys all the microorganisms in the cell and provides the pool glass with a correct level of free chlorine.

    - The active chlorine that is eliminated under the effect of solar UV is constantly renewed by the cell without requiring any intervention.

    - The salt concentration remains constant and only small replacements have to be made due to the loss that occurs due to filter washing.

    - Result: clearer water, you will forget about red eyes, dry skin, the smell and taste of chlorine; absolute savings, you will minimize the purchase of chemical products; totally safe system and easy to install and maintain.