Equipamiento para instalaciones industriales

Equipment for Industrial Facilities


    Equipment for Industrial Facilities: Pumps, Accessories and Automation


    Types of Pumps: We offer a wide variety of centrifugal, gear, positive displacement and diaphragm pumps to meet any liquid transfer need. We also have side channel and lobe blowers, and rotary vane and liquid ring vacuum pumps.

    Applications: Our pumps are suitable for a variety of industrial applications, from pumping corrosive and viscous liquids to liquids with suspended solids.


    Valves: We offer a wide selection of ball, check and flow control valves, designed to work with our pumps and provide a complete solution for any industrial process.

    Filters: We have a wide variety of bag and cartridge filters to guarantee the quality of the liquids being transferred and prolong the life of our pumps.

    Automation and Control

    Sensors: We offer a wide range of sensors to measure variables such as temperature, pressure, flow and level, adapted to any application, from process monitoring to leak detection.

    Actuators: We have a wide variety of electric and pneumatic actuators to control the position and movement of valves and gates.

    Controllers and Software: We offer a wide selection of controllers and software for the control and monitoring of industrial processes, from programmable logic controllers (PLC) to supervision and control systems (SCADA).

    Efficient and Durable Solutions for Industrial Processes

    We offer complete and efficient solutions to satisfy any equipment need for industrial facilities. Our products are designed to provide durable, quality solutions for any industrial process.

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