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Air conditioning


    Air conditioning and Comfort: Efficient Solutions.

    Transform your Space with Innovative Air Conditioning and Comfort with a Superior level.

    Air conditioning is essential for an efficient home. Discover the best solutions that offer both cold and heat to maximize your comfort and energy efficiency.

    Aerothermal Cold Heat: Renewable Efficiency.

    Aerothermal energy is a renewable technology that uses the heat of the outside air to air condition your home. With minimal environmental impact, you can save up to 50% on heating compared to traditional gas boilers.

    Gas and Hydrogen Boilers: Power and Versatility.

    Gas and hydrogen boilers offer powerful options for air conditioning. Discover how these technologies can provide both heat and cooling efficiently.

    Invisible Air Conditioning: Radiant Floor, Walls and Ceilings.

    Experience invisible comfort with climate control systems integrated into your floor, walls and ceilings. A discreet approach that ensures even distribution of heat or coolness in your space.

    High Integration with Linear Diffusers: Simplicity and Style.

    Opt for highly integrated air conditioning systems with linear diffusers and simple lines. A combination of functionality and design for a modern and elegant climate experience.

    High Efficiency with Low Temperature Emitters: Sustainable Refrigeration.

    Discover low temperature emitters that are not only efficient in heating, but also suitable for cooling. A versatile and sustainable solution to keep your home at the ideal temperature.

    Q-Tech: Your Partner in Advanced Air Conditioning

    At Q-Tech, we are HVAC specialists offering a full range of products to suit your needs. From aerothermal energy to gas and hydrogen boilers, and invisible high comfort systems, we work to reduce your energy consumption and improve your quality of life. Discover our professional advisory services.

    FAQ: Key Questions about Air Conditioning and Comfort

    1. How much can you save with hot and cold air conditioning systems? Savings vary depending on factors such as location and size of the space. In general, aerothermal energy can save up to 50% on heating, while gas and hydrogen boilers offer efficiency and versatility.

    2. Are invisible or highly integrated HVAC systems expensive?? Although the initial investment may be higher, the long-term savings in energy consumption make the investment worth it.

    3. Are these systems suitable for my home or business? Yes, both aerothermal and gas and hydrogen boilers are versatile and suitable for most spaces. Working with specialists ensures correct installation and long-term payback.

    4. How do invisible air conditioning systems work? These systems use radiators in the floor, walls and ceilings to distribute heat evenly, providing discreet and effective air conditioning.

    5. Can I use low temperature emitters for cooling? Yes, low temperature emitters are ideal for cooling, offering an efficient and sustainable solution to keep your space cool.