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Professional services


    Professional Services Assistance in Technical Installations

    At Q-Tech, we are proud to offer professional, high-quality technical installation support services for both installers and end users. Our focus is on ensuring the optimal functioning of your technical facilities in several key areas:

    1. Air conditioning and Maintenance: From resolving basic installation questions to providing technical advice on site, our team is here to support installers and users at all times.

    2. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Our experience allows you to make the most of renewable energy sources and improve the energy efficiency of your facilities, which translates into significant long-term savings.

    3. Indoor Air Quality: We recognize the importance of a healthy indoor environment. We offer technical assistance and guidance on indoor air quality control and improvement systems, guaranteeing a clean and healthy environment.

    4. Water Technology: Specialized in water technology, we implement water purification and treatment systems for various applications, ensuring the quality of the water in your facilities.

    5. Pool and Spa Maintenance: For those with pools and spas, our maintenance service ensures they are in optimal condition, providing peace of mind and comfort.

    At Q-Tech, we are committed to providing you with reliable technical solutions and exceptional technical support service. You can trust us to keep your facilities in their best condition and maximize their performance. Your satisfaction is our priority.