Serie MAGNA3 de Grundfos - Q-Tech ®
Serie MAGNA3 de Grundfos - Q-Tech ®

Grundfos MAGNA3 series

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The MAGNA3 and UPE ranges consist of a wide assortment of small, medium and large-sized circulator pumps with communications equipment and motors with electronic speed control that integrate permanent magnet (PM) and compact stator technology.

The innovative MAGNA3 range is part of Grundfos' family of exceptional quality circulators.

Thanks to MAGNA3 pumps, you can completely forget about the need for complex adjustments. Install the pump and use the factory setting: the AUTOADAPT function (MAGNA3 range only).

The installed MAGNA3 pump will automatically perform an analysis of the heating system, find the optimal set point and continuously regulate its operation to adapt to changes in demand. This will allow you to enjoy maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption. In addition, MAGNA3 pumps are extremely flexible and reliable, generate low noise levels, achieve long service lives and are maintenance-free. They incorporate infrared communication devices and allow the use of external control and monitoring functions through the use of expansion modules.


The circulator pumps belonging to the Grundfos MAGNA3 range have been designed to circulate liquids as part of the following systems:

• Heating systems.
• Refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
• Domestic hot water systems.

This range of pumps is also suitable for use as part of the following systems:

• Geothermal heat pump systems.
• Solar heating systems.


• AUTOADAPT function.
• FLOWADAPT and FLOWLIMIT functions.
• Proportional pressure control.
• Constant pressure control.
• Constant temperature control.
• Curve operation constant.
• Operation with max. curve. or min.
• Automatic night operation mode.
• The motor does not require external protection.
• Single head pumps for heating systems include insulated casing.
• Wide temperature range and independence between the temperature of the liquid and the ambient temperature.


• Low energy consumption. All MAGNA3 pumps meet the requirements of the Energy Using Products Directive (PUE), which will come into force in 2015.
• The AUTOADAPT function guarantees energy savings.
• Built-in differential pressure and temperature sensor.
• Safe selection.
• Easy installation.
• Long service life; does not require maintenance.
• Extended user interface with TFT screen.
• Control panel with intuitive buttons made of high quality silicone.
• Work history.
• Easy optimization of the system.
• Thermal energy meter.
• Multi-pump function.
• Possibility of external control and monitoring through expansion modules.
• The entire range is available for a maximum system pressure of 16 bar (PN 16).

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