Bomba de Piscina INVERHERO de Aquagem vista lateral Q-Tech® 2024 2025
Bomba de Piscina INVERHERO de Aquagem vista frontal Q-Tech® 2024 2025
Bomba de Piscina INVERHERO de Aquagem vista lateral izquierda Q-Tech® 2024 2025
Bomba de Piscina INVERHERO de Aquagem vista superior Q-Tech® 2024 2025
Bomba de Piscina INVERHERO de Aquagem vista trasera Q-Tech® 2024 2025

Aquagem INVERHERO Pool Pump

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INVERHERO Pool Pump by Aquagem

New INVERHERO pool pump from Aquagem: the first full inverter pool pump with permanent magnets.

Why choose the Aquagem INVERHERO pump?

The INVERHERO pump, with a permanent magnet motor, is equipped with INVERSilence Tech technology, which combines the Inverter system with a volute hydraulic system and a brushless DC motor to achieve the greatest economic savings and the lowest level sound.

Characteristics of the Aquagem INVERHERO pump.

Full inverter technology.

Aquagem's INVERHERO pump inverter unit can control the pump speed precisely turn after turn. It has the ability to operate automatically adjusted between 30 - 100%, which saves more energy and is much quieter.

Volute hydraulic system.

Noise is isolated in the volute substructure of the INVERHERO pump, making the flow more turbulence-free and less noisy compared to the traditional diffuser type.

DC brushless DC motor.

The DC brushless motor of Aquagem's INVERHERO pump ensures lower pump noise, higher efficiency and durability.

Smart touch controller.

The smart touch screen controller completes Aquagem's INVERHERO pump, allowing a real reading of energy consumption and flow, as well as an optional AI/MI mode. Backwash in one click.

AI/MI mode optional.

After adjusting the water flow, the pump can automatically detect the pressure and adjust the operating capacity (Autoinverter - AI mode). In addition, the operating capacity can also be adjusted manually according to different application needs (Manual Inverter - MI).

Available Models:

bomba inverhero de aquagem full inverter con imanes permanentes


Aquagem's Inverhero pump is an excellent option for those looking for a quiet and energy efficient pool pump. With its permanent magnet motor and Full Inverter technology, this pool pump offers a quiet and relaxing swimming experience while saving on energy bills. Don't wait any longer to take your swimming experience to the next level with the incredible Inverhero pool pump from Aquagem.

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