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ESBE Thermostatic mixing valve basic Series VTA320

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The ESBE thermostatic mixing valves series VTA320 offer high flow capacity and good functionality for universal applications, such as domestic hot water with or without HWC (hot water circulation) and smaller underfloor heating circuits.


Series VTA320 are the number one choice for domestic hot water systems requiring an in-line scald safe* function and where further temperature control devices have been installed at the water taps. These series of valves are also suitable for domestic hot water installations equipped with HWC (hot water circulation).
Series VTA320 are suitable for under floor heating applications, as long as special attention is paid to temperature range and flow requirements.


Asymmetrical flow pattern. Scald safe*.


The product range includes a wide choice of valves delivered with adapter fitting kits, each including three adapter fittings and two check valves, which facilitate easy installation and maintenance.
Supplied with a top cover, unless otherwise stated.
*) Scald safe means that in the case of a cold water failure, the hot water supply shuts off automatically.


These valves can handle the following types of media: 

- Fresh water / Potable water

- Closed systems

- Water with antifreeze additive (glycol ≤ 50% mixture)


Temperature range 35 to 60°C

  • Internal thread 1/2"(female)
  • Internal thread 3/4" (female)  
  • External thread 1" (male)
  • Compression fitting 15mm
  • Compression fitting 18mm
  • Compression fitting 22mm


    Download Intallation Instructions