Válvula mezcladora termostática suelo radiante ESBE serie VTA322 y VTA572 - Q-Tech ®
Válvula mezcladora termostática suelo radiante ESBE serie VTA322 y VTA572 - Q-Tech ®

ESBE underfloor heating thermostatic mixing valve VTA322 and VTA572 series

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ESBE VTA320 series thermostatic mixing valves offer high flow capacity and good functionality for universal applications, such as domestic hot water regulation with or without HWC (hot water circulation) and underfloor heating circuits of small dimensions.

ESBE VTA570 series thermostatic mixing valves offer high flow capacity and high functionality in heating applications.


The VTA320 series are the best choice for domestic hot water systems that require a safety feature to prevent scalding* in the line and where additional temperature control devices have been installed on the taps. These series of valves are also indicated for domestic hot water installations equipped with HWC (hot water circulation). The VTA320 series are suitable for underfloor heating applications, as long as special attention is paid to temperature range and flow requirements.

The VTA570 series are the preferred choice for cooling and heating applications. The valves provide a burn prevention safety function* which is important to protect, for example, underfloor heating pipes and also the floor itself from unexpected temperature increases.


Asymmetrical flow model. Safety function to prevent burns*.


The product range includes a wide variety of valves supplied with adapter connection kits, each with three adapter connectors and two check valves, making installation and maintenance easy.

Supplied with top cover, unless otherwise stated.

VTA572 series valves are available with external thread, pump flange and swivel nut. Three different temperature ranges allow you to choose the right valve for the right application, for example: 10-30°C for cooling, 20-55°C for underfloor heating or 30-70°C for radiator heating. The valves are equipped with a large adjustment knob.

* "Safety function to prevent scalding" means that in case of failure of the cold water supply, the hot water supply is automatically cut off.


These valves are suitable for the following media types:

  • Fresh water/drinking water
  • Closed systems
  • Heating water
  • Water with antifreeze (glycol mixture ≤ 50%)


Regulation range 20 to 43°C - VTA322 Series

  • External threads 1/2" (female) - 31102800
  • 3/4" external threads (female) - 31100500
  • External thread 1" (male) - 31100900

    Regulation range 20 to 55°C - VTA572 Series

    • External thread 1" (male) LARGE FLOW - 31702100
    • External thread 1-1/4" (male) LARGE FLOW - 31702200


    Download instruction manual VTA322 series valve

    Download VTA572 series valve instruction manual

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