Bomba sumergible con control de velocidad Acuaplus S de Espa - Q-Tech ®
Bomba sumergible con control de velocidad Acuaplus S de Espa - Q-Tech ®

Submersible pump with Acuaplus S speed control by Espa

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Espa Acuaplus S multi-cell submersible pump with speed control

Groups for automatic pressurized water supply


Domestic pressurization in private homes.


Outer casing, discharge body, impellers, filter and motor casing
in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Pump shaft in AISI 431 stainless steel. Diffusers in technopolymer.
Mechanical seals in alumina/graphite oxide /NBR/AISI 304 and soapstone/graphite/ NBR/AISI 304.


Asynchronous, two poles. Protection IP 68.
Class F insulation.
Continuous service.
Water-cooled motor. Built-in thermal protection.


- Multicell submersible pumps with speed variation regulation and integrated pressure sensor. It incorporates a dry work protection device, with up to 4 sequential starting retries.

- Interior capacitor.

- With 15 m of H07 RNF cable.

- Oil chamber with double mechanical seal.

- Dampens water hammer in the installation.

- Electronic kit, installable in vertical or horizontal position.

Limits of use

- Water temperature from 4 °C to 40 °C.

- Maximum number of starts: 30 starts/hour

- Pump installation in vertical position. It is advisable to set a set pressure between 1.5 and 3 bars.


Advanced ESPA Speedrive technology, which enables variable speed operation, automatically self-regulating to maintain the constant pressure demanded by the home at all times, thanks to a pressure sensor.

Hydraulic operation

Acuaplus 5M s bomba sumergible con control de velocidad de Espa

Dimensiones y peso de la bomba sumergible acuaplus s de Espa con velocidad variable


Prisma /Aspri pumps instruction manual

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