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No Phos - Phosphate Remover

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NoPhos - phosphate remover.

A biological solution and the best preventive treatment system against algae.

NoPhos extracts phosphates from water. Phosphates are vital nutrients for algae and bacteria. If all the phosphates are removed from the water, the algae and bacteria cannot survive and will disappear within approximately 6 weeks. NoPhos is a biological solution and is the best preventive treatment system against algae without the need to use other algaecides.

NoPhos is the best solution for public and private swimming pools, ponds, natural pools, water attractions and fountains.

How to apply it:

- Approximate manual dose: 1 - 2 ml per m3 per week (e.g.: 50cm3 = 100 ml).

- Exact dose: We recommend measuring the phosphate level with the Flexi Tester and dosing the appropriate amount according to instructions and type of installation.


- 1l containers.

- 5l containers.

- 20l containers.


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