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PAR56 LED lamp Lumiplus 1.11 LEDs white light

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LumiPlus PAR56 1.11 white light projector lamp (1485 lumens - 24W), the new range of LEDs, with the same features as the Standard but in the form of the well-known PAR56 lamp.

The lamp is easily changeable. 27 Luxeon LEDs of 1 W. The LumiPlus 1.11 PAR56 white light lamp substantially improves the light in your pool and drastically reduces its consumption. It improves energy efficiency compared to the traditional 300W lamp, since it has a useful life 100 times longer and energy consumption 12 times lower.

Adaptable to all PAR56 projectors on the market.

Traditional PAR 56 lamp but with LEDs, ideal for replacing old 300W halogen lights and also for newly built pools. It uses 27 high-brightness LUXEON LEDs. IP68 and resistant to attacks from swimming pool products.


For new, concrete or prefabricated pools, you can choose between the Standard model, with the niche included, and the Plano model, which does not require a niche for installation. For an existing installation, you do not need to change the transformer or the wiring, since it is powered with 2 cables, you can reuse the current niche by changing the conventional lamp for the LED light point, both in concrete and prefabricated pools. It must be connected to 12V AC through a safety transformer and must always be turned on completely submerged in water.


- Easy installation, ready for use in 10 minutes.

- Save up to 92% energy thanks to the greater energy efficiency of this technology.

- Complies with the energy efficiency requirements of the new European Directives regarding Ecological Design applicable to Products that use Energy and which will be mandatory in the coming years.

- Offers security; the peace of mind of a long useful life with zero maintenance; low energy consumption and infinite possibilities to recreate different environments in the pool.

- To complete it, you must purchase the niche separately.

- LEDs have a useful life of 100,000 hours versus 1,000 hours for conventional lamps.

- Go from paying €100 in electricity consumption to €8 in just one year.


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How to replace an AstralPool LumiPlus pool lamp?

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