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Grundfos Unilift AP12.50.11.A1 stainless steel bilge pump Ref. 96010981

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Bilge pump for clean and gray water (lightly loaded) Grundfos Unilift AP12.50.11.A1 Ref. 96010981

UNILIFT AP12.50.11.A1

Submersible bilge pump

Single-cell vertical submersible stainless steel pump with vertical discharge mouth and fully enclosed single-phase submersible motor in
insulation class F with thermal overload protection.

The pump has a suction filter and a level switch for automatic start and stop.

The impeller is a SEMI OPEN impeller for 12 mm free passage, suitable for pumping groundwater, surface water, rainwater and similar.

The pump has a double seal and an intermediate chamber of oil filled with special non-toxic oil.

The pump has a lifting pipe, a cooling jacket for continuous cooling of the motor by the pumped liquid and long-life grooved ball bearings, greased for life.

The pump is ready to use as it has a handle and is supplied with a 10 m mains cable. The mains cable is a plug type with glass sealing compound in the gland to prevent moisture from entering the stator windings.

For what type of applications?

- Wastewater - Commercial buildings

- Domestic wastewater


- Materials: Pump casing and Impeller in Stainless Steel DIN W.-Nr. 1.4301 AISI 304.

- It allows a passage of solid particles of up to 12 mm, which gives it a usefulness and smooth operation.

- Max. flow. 30m3/h

- Maximum installation depth: 7m

- Pump outlet: 2"

- Max P. 16 mca




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