Grupo de presión compacto Scala2 3-45 A de Grundfos Ref. 98562862 - Q-Tech ®
Grupo de presión compacto Scala2 3-45 A de Grundfos Ref. 98562862 - Q-Tech ®

Grundfos Scala2 3-45 A compact booster set Ref. 98562862

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SCALA2 from Grundfos is a compact booster set that supplies constant water pressure in domestic applications. SCALA2 incorporates speed control that allows maintaining the appropriate pressure in the taps, that is, the performance of the pump increases if demand increases.

Model SCALA2 3-45 ref. 98562862

SCALA2 can be installed following three simple steps:

1. Connect the pipes.
2. Prime the pump.
3. Plug the pump connector into the mains and the pump will start.

Grundfos SCALA2 includes all the necessary components to ensure adequate pressure:

- intelligent controller
- motor with integrated speed control
- integrated tank
- integrated sensors
- integrated non-return valves.


As it is self-priming, SCALA2 can pump water below its level, it is capable of lifting water from a depth of up to 8 meters in less than 5 minutes. This facilitates installation and commissioning of the pump and provides a reliable water supply in installations where there is a risk of dry running or pipe leaks.

If exposed to dry running, lack of water or excessive temperature, pump blocked, in case of overload, the pump will automatically stop, thus preventing the motor from burning. The pump features an automatic restart function. In case of dry running or similar alarm, the pump will stop. It will attempt to restart 8 times every 5 minutes and will make another reset attempt after 24 hours. The automatic restart function can be disabled.

Thanks to its hydraulic design, permanent magnet motor and water cooling, the pump has an extremely low noise level, 47 dB (A) in typical use, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The maximum noise level at full load is 53 dB (A)

The built-in pressure tank reduces the number of starts and stops in the event of leaks in the piping system, causing less wear on the pump.

SCALA2 does not require maintenance, but it is recommended to keep the pump clean , check check valves and keep ventilation holes free of dust

For what type of applications?

- Constant water pressure increase in domestic applications.

- Domestic groundwater consumption

- Domestic pressure increase

- Rainwater collection


Dimensiones Grupo de presión compacto Scala2 3-45 A 98562862


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