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Grundfos Scala1 5-55 compact pressure group Ref. 99530407

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Grundfos SCALA1 is a compact, all-in-one, fully comprehensive booster set designed for pressure boosting in domestic and light commercial applications, such as garden irrigation or pressure boosting in single-family homes, townhouses and apartments.

Model SCALA1 5-55 ref. 99530407

Grundfos SCALA1 is a self-priming multistage pump that incorporates all the components of a pressure booster group in a compact composite protection: incorporates the pump, the motor, the diaphragm tank, the pressure sensor pressure and flow, the controller and the non-return valve.

Being self-priming, SCALA1 can pump water from a lower level than the pump. As long as it is filled with water, the pump can lift water from a depth of 8 m in less than 5 minutes. This makes installation and start-up of the pump simple and provides a more reliable water supply in installations at risk of dry running and leaks in the suction hose or pipes.

SCALA1 can communicate with the Grundfos GO app via built-in Bluetooth, allowing detailed pump monitoring and numerous customization options, making this pump the best fit for any application.

For what type of applications?

- Pressure Rise - Commercial Buildings

- Domestic groundwater consumption

- Domestic pressure booster

- Rainwater collection


- SCALA1 incorporates advanced protection functions such as:

* Protection against dry running that will automatically stop the pump in case of lack of water.

* Anti-cycle protection that prevents the pump from starting repeatedly in the event of minor leaks in the installation.

* Maximum runtime protection, which can stop the pump after a specified period of continuous operation, preventing possible damage due to flooding caused by pipe breaks.

- The pump has a built-in motor protection that will stop the pump if exposed to excessive temperature due to the influence of high ambient temperature, in case of blockage or overload, preventing destructive burnout of the motor .

- With Grundfos GO you can easily configure SCALA1 as a double system of pressure boosting groups that function as a work pump/rest pump, as well as a work pump/auxiliary pump. It is also possible to add an external input control and schedule the pump operation using the calendar function.

- SCALA1 does not require any maintenance, but we recommend keeping the pump clean, checking the non-return valves and keeping the ventilation holes free of dust.


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