Caldera mural de condensación a gas Vitodens 100-W VIESSMANN - Q-Tech ®
Caldera mural de condensación a gas Vitodens 100-W VIESSMANN - Q-Tech ®
Caldera mural de condensación a gas Vitodens 100-W VIESSMANN - Q-Tech ®
Caldera mural de condensación a gas Vitodens 100-W VIESSMANN - Q-Tech ®

Vitodens 100-W VIESSMANN gas condensing wall-mounted boiler

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The Vitodens 100-W gas condensing boiler, with a high-efficiency pump, integrates perfectly into the home thanks to its compact size, low weight and minimal noise level, all with an optimal quality-price ratio. 

Connectivity Inside: possibility of control via internet through APP (Vicare), without accessory, WIFI Inside

Big technology in small teams

After many years of experience in the production of wall-mounted boilers in series, we know well what is expected from a wall-mounted boiler intended to serve a home, both technically and economically: this boiler It hides inside in a minimal space all the technology of the large boilers designed by Viessmann.

High efficiency pump

The Vitodens 100-W boiler incorporates a high-efficiency pump as standard, with variable flow to reduce electricity consumption. In this way, this equipment meets the minimum requirements for energy efficiency, NOx emissions and noise levels for heating equipment established by the European Ecological Design (ErP) directive for heating equipment.

Compact and silent

The Vitodens 100-W is the most compact and silent condensing gas boiler in its segment. Due to its small dimensions and minimal sound level, it can be easily integrated into any place in the home.

High comfort of DHW.

The Comfort function of the Vitodens 100-W guarantees DHW heating times. reduced. The 29.3 kW Booster service on the Vitodens 100-W (26 kW) model guarantees a higher DHW flow rate.

The key to durability: the combination of the burner and heat exchanger

The combination of the MatriX stainless steel fabric of the cylindrical modulating burner, developed and manufactured by Viessmann, and the smooth, self-cleaning, thick steel surfaces of the Inox Radial heat exchanger guarantees high energy efficiency and a long service life.

Especially easy maintenance and support

The AquaBloc hydraulic system is easy to connect. All maintenance-relevant components are easily accessible from the front and can be replaced absolutely quickly.

Solar kit

The Vitodens 100-W solar kit is a solution with compact dimensions, convenient and quick connection to central solar energy installations for the production of DHW. In this way, it optimally and economically solves the distribution of solar energy to the different homes in a closed-circuit thermal exchange system.

Accessories for Vitodens 100-W

With the connection kits, the connection of the DHW production cylinders is easily carried out. Viessmann, 120 or 150 liters located under the boiler. There is an expansion card to control a heating circuit with mixing valve and a direct circuit.


- Mixed or heating-only gas condensing wall-mounted boiler, with a power range of 19 to 35 kW.

- Seasonal performance up to 94% (PCS).

- Modulation range: up to 1:10 (1:6, 1:8 and 1:10).

- Regulation with LCD touch screen at constant temperature with the possibility of adjusting the heating delivery temperature and the domestic hot water temperature. Through programming, it is possible to activate the Comfort function for rapid production of hot water at the desired temperature.

- MatriX modulating cylindrical burner developed and produced in-house: low emissions, long life thanks to the MatriX stainless steel fabric and optimal adaptation to the heat exchanger and burner.

- Stainless steel Inox-Radial transmission surface: self-cleaning of smooth stainless steel surfaces thanks to the parallel flow of smoke and condensate, highly resistant to corrosion and with a 10-year warranty.

- Particularly simple assembly, maintenance and technical assistance thanks to the modular system and easy front access to all elements.

- Maximum comfort in DHW: the Comfort function guarantees reduced heating times

- Heating control of 1 direct circuit plus 1 circuit with mixing valve

- Remotely manageable through the Internet

Technical Data:

Datos técnicos caldera gas vitodens 100-W de Viessmann

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