Caldera mural de condensación a gas Neodens Plus ECO - BAXIROCA - Q-Tech ®
Caldera mural de condensación a gas Neodens Plus ECO - BAXIROCA - Q-Tech ®
Caldera mural de condensación a gas Neodens Plus ECO - BAXIROCA - Q-Tech ®
Caldera mural de condensación a gas Neodens Plus ECO - BAXIROCA - Q-Tech ®

Neodens Plus ECO gas condensing wall-mounted boiler - BAXIROCA

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Neodens Plus ECO, in addition to the usual maximum powers of 24 and 28 kW, now has a version of up to 33 kW, offering great performance in domestic hot water.

This boiler is the ideal option for installations with high requirements in this service. The Neodens Plus ECO boilers combine great performance at a good price, thus becoming a very competitive model.

Its advantages include, in addition to its compact dimensions that allow easier installation, the comfort of Microaccumulation and the benefits of GAS INVERTER 1:7 technology.

General characteristics:

- Instant mixed sealed boilers: Domestic hot water (DHW) and heating services in 3 available powers. Compatible with natural gas and propane gas.

- Compact dimensions: They facilitate assembly in kitchen furniture.

- Digital control panel with backlit display: Provides information on the status of the boiler in a clear and intuitive way.

- Greater comfort in DHW: Microaccumulation function in DHW for a faster response in this service.

- Up to 33 kW: Great DHW performance and ideal for installations with high power requirements.

- GAS INVERTER technology with 1:7 modulation ratio: Offers more efficient, reliable and quiet operation.

- Installation purging function: Facilitates the elimination of air in the heating circuit.

- Compatible with solar systems: Prepared to work as support in the production of hot water.

- Instant gas adjustment: Change from natural gas to propane by modifying parameters without needing to adjust the gas valve.

- Reduced weight: For a more agile and comfortable installation.

- Robust design: Stainless steel monothermal primary heat exchanger.

- Modulating circulator in accordance with the ErP: Reduces electrical consumption and operating noise level. The 33/33 F ECO model has a factored circulator that can be very useful for installations with a high pressure drop such as underfloor heating.

- Adaptable evacuation outlet: The concentric outlet for evacuation of the boiler combustion products allows exit in both vertical and horizontal directions using the elbow included in the kit delivered by default. Option available with double duct and flexible ducts.


Dimensiones caldera mural a gas baxiroca neodens plus eco

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