Caudalímetro FlowVis® PRECISIÓN Y AHORRO
Caudalímetro FlowVis® PRECISIÓN Y AHORRO
Caudalímetro FlowVis® - Q-Tech ®
Caudalímetro FlowVis® - Q-Tech ®

FlowVis® Flowmeter

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FlowVis® is the most accurate and reliable flow meter ever developed for pools, spas, fountains and water attractions and the only one certified by the NSF.

FlowVis® allows you to correctly configure pump speeds to optimize filtration performance, backwash water consumption and ensure maximum energy savings.

FlowVis® technical characteristics:

- Installation flexibility.

- Easy to read scale in m3/h.

- Compact flowmeter that provides 98% accuracy.

- It does not obstruct, it does not have a pendulum or a propeller.

- Maintains accuracy even with air in the system.

- Acts as a non-return valve (DN40 and DN50).

- Only certified by NSF level 1. Certified accuracy 98%.

- Incredibly robust, designed for more than fifteen years of useful life.


- Quick installation, which does not require calibration.

- Can be installed between 2 elbows.

- Does not require a section of 15 times the diameter of straight pipe.

- Can be installed in almost any position: horizontal, vertical or upside down.

- Maintains precision even with air in the pipe.

- Compact flowmeter that provides 98% accuracy.

- No sticking plungers.

FlowVis® instalación sencilla

Optional Digital FlowVis®:

- Adaptable to all FlowVis® installations, both new and existing.
- Can be programmed with a simple selection of 4 DIP switches
- Digital and graphic display in m3/h, LPM
- Programmable flow alarms.
- Display with water rotation rate in hours.
- Easy access to reading the flow in small spaces.
- 8 meter extension cable optionally available.

FlowVis® Video:

Technical documentation:

Installation manual

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