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Syr filling connecting center 3228 all-in-one for heating systems

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Heating system: the quality of the water is decisive.

Current heating systems ensure cozy warmth and reduce energy expenditure, as long as the heating installation works perfectly . Heating water plays a decisive role in this context, as it applies to all heating systems in which water is the energy carrier that distributes heat in the house. And only the correct water quality adjusted to the heating system will achieve optimal energy efficiency, thus ensuring long-term investment. Conversely, untreated water can cause costly damage to your heating installation, which may even result in the loss of the heating system manufacturer's product warranty. Protecting your heating installation has never been so important.

The Syr Connecting-Center 3228 All-in-one filling is a connection module used to fill the heating installation with soft (softened), demineralized and pH-stable water. Water softening and demineralization is very important. 


  • Install the Connecting Center 3228 fill prior to heating installation.
  • Do not install the device in humid rooms.
  • Place the Connecting Center 3228 on the wall bracket.
  • Install the cartridges.
  • The 14 liter cartridges contain a pedestal (included in delivery).
  • Install the Connecting Center 3228 horizontally in the pipe taking into account the direction of the fluid.

Technical Data

Working pressure max.10bar
Working temperature max. 30ºC (entrance); max 65ºC (output)
Outlet pressure 1-5 bars (factory value 1.5 bar)
Assembly Horizontal on main axis
Medium drinking water
Flow rate 0.3 m3/h (with 2.5l cartridge)
0.5 m3/h (with 4-14l cartridge)
Serial number 3228.15.010


The Connecting Center 3228 automatically reports when the cartridge runs out. Simply fill the cartridge with refill resin. Order the appropriate resin and cartridge size.


Download instruction manual

Download technical data and spare parts

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