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AlgaStop Ultra Power CTX-530C extra concentrated anti-algae

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Features and benefits:

- With microflocculating power: greater capacity to prevent the appearance of algae that appear in suspension.

- High concentration and treatment effectiveness: 20 weeks (1 liter).

- Non-foaming formulation. Prevents the formation of foam in the pool during its application, a characteristic to take into account in pools with waterfalls, canyons, whirlpools, countercurrent swimming equipment, etc. due to the movement of water they generate.

- Suitable for all types of coatings and pools: tile, liner, polyester, painted, etc.

- Added value: extra super-concentrated winter product with microflocculating action with which you can conserve pool water during the winter.

- Tips for use: add 200 ml for every 50 m³. Later add 50 ml once a week.

- Indicative doses that can be modified depending on the specific characteristics of each pool, weather, etc.

The addition of the chemical product will preferably be carried out at dusk and without the presence of bathers.

- The advice for use is indicated for information purposes and may vary due to changes in the formulation or modifications by the manufacturer. It is necessary to follow the instructions contained on the label that accompanies the product.

- 1 liter container.


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