Asesoramiento Experto a Arquitectos
Asesoramiento Experto a Promotoras e Inversionistas

Expert Advice to Architectures per HOUR

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Expert Advice to Architectures by HORA, we also advise Developers and Investors.

Taking into account the constant advances in technical installations,
How many times have you avoided innovation due to lack of clear information for planning and installation techniques?
How many times, after requesting quotes, do you need to clarify doubts?
How many times does the request for information end in information that is not objective and oriented towards a brand?
How many times during the execution of installations have you felt that, with technical information, the processes and results could be improved?
How many times has your creativity been limited by the lack of information in the Technical Management?

- Verification of feasibility of ideas.
- Verification of planning, projects and budgets.
- Choice of systems, clarification of doubts and purchasing guide.
- Improvement of installation processes for Engineering, Technical Departments and Installers.
- Innovation and real efficiency applied to your project.
- Verification of existing systems.

Price subject to change depending on complexity. It only includes what is expressly described above, it does not include material, work/repair, memory, project and/or legalization not mentioned in this service. With the acceptance/payment of this service, the property confirms that the existing facilities where the verification work will be carried out comply with current regulations.

Check availability in your area and deadline... Thank you :)
Consult rates for local, provincial, island and Ceuta-Melilla travel and intervention.

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Service 10!,

Problems with transportation and after a WhatsApp and a call the next day we received our robot.

They called us to confirm that everything was ok, highly recommended.

Esther L. S.

Marbella, Malaga


Material received in 48 hours,

20 minutes on the phone for installation questions and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

100% professionals

Álvaro P.

B. of Salamanca, Madrid


5 Stars. There are 5 of us and we are very happy with the hot water. After searching for information for almost a month on low-consumption hot water systems, we decided on b. heat only hot water. Delivery in just 3 days from the web order.

Delivery was delayed a day due to the height of the package but then everything was perfect.

Thank you :)

Angela R. y Lucas A.

El Limonar, Malaga