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ESPA PDS05 electronic pressure group - Prisma + Pressdrive 05

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ESPA PDS 05 automatic pressure group - Prisma + Pressdrive 05

Groups for automatic pressurized water supply


Automatic pumping of clean water for domestic, industrial, agricultural and gardening use.

Self-priming up to 2m.



Pump body and impellers in AISI 304. Pump shaft in AISI 431. Diffusers in technopolymer. Suction and delivery in cast iron with cataphoresis treatment. Mechanical seal in alumina-graphite. Aluminum motor casing. NBR/EPDM gaskets.


Technopolymer plastic components. Inner membrane in EPDM.


The group starts automatically when it detects consumption and pressurizes the installation continuously. It stops automatically when there is no consumption or lack of water.

Adjustable starting pressure from 1.5 - 2.5 kg/cm2.


- Prism: See Prism pump 15 and See Pressdrive 05.

- Maximum stop pressure delivered by the pump.

- IP X5 protection grade.

- Built-in check valve.

- Automatic reset button.

- Completely silent.

- Built-in dry running protection device.

- Supplied with 2m electrical cable and type F plug.

- Supplied with 3-piece fitting included in the body.

- Factory pump-Pressdrive connection.

The set is made up of:

PDS 05 3-75 - Prism 15-4M + Pressdrive 05

PDS 05 3-100 - Prism 15-5M + Pressdrive 05

Electrical data

funcionamiento hidráulico grupo electrónico pds 05 Espa


grupo presión Espa pds 05 dimensiones y peso

curva funcionamiento grupo presión pds 05 Espa


Prisma /Aspri pump instruction manual

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