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DOMUSA Dual Clima R Heat Pump

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DOMUSA TEKNIK offers a range of DUAL CLIMA R air-water heat pumps, and a complete pack of solutions to optimize the energy use of generators, the storage and distribution of domestic hot water for domestic use. 

With excellent seasonal efficiency (A+++ rating), and great ease of installation and use, the DUAL CLIMA R range of heat pumps is an ideal alternative for those users who decide to choose a renewable energy source intended for to heating and cooling their homes.


- Savings: The DUAL CLIMA R heat pump reduces the total consumption of the home's energy bill by up to 70% thanks to the use of free energy from the air. This savings in consumption is maintained even when temperatures are below 0ºC.
- Ecological - R32 Refrigerant. Aerothermal energy is a clean and environmentally friendly technology. It does not emit combustion gases, since it does not need to burn any type of fuel to provide heat to the heating or domestic hot water installation.
- Multi-use. If a DUAL CLIMA R heat pump installation has been designed with emitters that can transfer heat or cold, heating, cooling and water services can be provided through the same equipment. sanitary hot.
- Security. It is a safer system with less maintenance than those that need to exchange refrigerant gas inside the home.
- Operation. The heat obtained in the DUAL CLIMA R heat pump is exchanged in the condenser, transferring it to the heat transfer fluid, which is responsible for providing heat to the heating or domestic hot water installation.
- Efficiency. The DUAL CLIMA R aerothermal heat pumps are equipped with a DC Inverter compressor, a robust and silent high-efficiency compressor that can modulate the thermal power depending on the needs of the home. 
- Ease of use. Reduced maintenance. The Monoblock technology of the DUAL CLIMA R heat pump, in which the entire gas circuit is integrated into the outdoor unit, reduces the risk of refrigerant gas leaks, thus avoiding gas recharging operations. Furthermore, by using electricity as a power source, maintenance derived from the combustion of fossil fuels is avoided, both in the combustion chamber and in the gas outlet.
- Ease of installation. With MONOBLOCK technology only hydraulic connections are made and allows the outdoor unit to be installed over a long distance. Domusa Teknik offers a wide range of packs that allow you to configure any type of heating, domestic hot water or cooling installation.


Bomba de calor aire-agua domusa dual clima R aerotermia


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