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Dolphin pre-filter basket 9983106

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You will soon find the spare parts for this product here.

Original replacement pre-filter basket for Dolphin pool cleaner robots (see complete list below).

It is placed as a second layer of filtration in the panel basket and prevents coarser dirt (leaves, insects, pinnace,...) from entering the ultra-fine filters, to create an initial layer for a highly efficient filtration and free of obstructions.

Easily removable from the basket for quick and easy cleaning.

Multi-layer filtration comes standard on high-end Dolphin robots, but can also be added to compatible robots that do not come standard with the pre-filter basket to further optimize the robot's particle retention capacity.

It also extends the useful life of ultra-fine filters.

Compatible with the following Dolphin pool cleaning robots:

- Dolphin Formula 30 / Formula 35 / Formula 40i

- Dolphin PoolStyle 30 / PoolStyle 35 / PoolStyle 40i

- Dolphin E30 / E35 / E40i

- Dolphin S200 / S300 / S300i

- Dolphin Energy 200 / Energy 300 / Energy 300i

- Dolphin Zenit Z1B / Zenit Z2C / Zenit Z3i

- Dolphin Aquarius R2

- Dolphin Seamaster Plus / Seamaster INT

- Dolphin Carrera 30 / Carrera 35 / Carrera 40i

- Dolphin Blue Maxi 30 / Blue Maxi 35 / Blue Maxi 40i

- Dolphin Avalon 30 / Avalon 35 / Avalon 40i

- Dolphin Cainan 2 / Cainan 3 / Cainan 3i

- Dolphin Hammer Plus / Hammer i

- Dolphin Wolly / Wolly 40i

- Dolphin SX 30 / SX 35 / SX 40i

- Dolphin M600

- Dolphin Zenit 60

- Dolphin Active X6

Maytronics reference: 9983106

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