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Watts USVR Differential Pressure Regulating Valve

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Determine the differential pressure in the heating installation, with maximum load, and adjust this value on the regulating valve. When the flow rate decreases, the valve opens so that the Retention Head of the pump remains balanced, within a proportional band.


The flow rate of the circulation pump varies depending on the load in the heating circuit. Following the characteristic curves of the pumps, it is observed that when the flow rate decreases, the Retention Head increases. There is a reduction in pressure loss in the pipes, so overloads and noise can occur in some elements of the system.

The regulating valve prevents elevations in the Retention Height and ensures a constant flow. Using it in heating systems with a gas boiler, a minimum amount of circulating water is ensured so that the boiler works correctly. It is especially recommended when the pump curve is very steep or the maximum Retention Head is much higher than the opening pressure.

To improve the efficiency of the regulating valve, the bypass circuit must be installed dynamically or with little pressure loss, that is, as short as possible. Wide and with the lowest resistance.


The regulating valve is preset at the factory with an opening pressure of 200 mbar (2 m.c.a.).

In most cases this value is appropriate. If you wish to modify, you must loosen the locking screw. Once this is done, the opening pressure can be modified between 50 and 500 mbar continuously.

The chosen value will be placed on the scale, no adjustment diagrams are required. To finish, the locking screw is tightened again, as a safety measure.


• Minimum proportional deviation.

• Great precision, thanks to its large internal DN spring made of special steel.

• Low friction; hydraulic damping of the central axis of the valve disc.

• Very visible adjustment scale.

• Particularly silent dynamic construction.

• Cast bronze valve body with threads according to DIN 2999.

• Easy, tamper-proof adjustment.

• Adjustment scale, from 50 to 500 mbar.

• Factory preset at 200 mbar.

Available models:

- 1" - H-M

- 1 1/4" - H-M

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