BlueNexus robot limpiafondos piscina inalámbrico SIN CABLE
BlueNexus robot limpiafondos piscina inalámbrico SIN CABLE
BlueNexus robot limpiafondos piscina inalámbrico SIN CABLE
BlueNexus robot limpiafondos piscina inalámbrico SIN CABLE
BlueNexus robot limpiafondos piscina inalámbrico SIN CABLE

BlueNexus wireless pool cleaner robot

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BlueNexus is a smart, cordless, wall-climbing pool robot that uses advanced path planning technology to clean your entire pool from edge to edge, including the walls, floor, waterline, and everything in between. there is in the middle.

BlueNexus is a smart cordless robot for bottom, wall and water line cleaning of private in-ground pools and removable pools with rigid walls up to 20m (max. side, 65 ft. ).

robot inteligente sin cable BlueNexus para piscinas

BlueNexus offers powerful suction, without residue.

The BlueNexus pool cleaner robot has a 100W high-performance suction motor with a powerful suction force and an absorption rate of up to 17m3/hour. Its powerful suction capacity ensures thorough cleaning by effectively picking up debris and dirt. 

Clean the walls and waterline. 

Double high-performance motor, 4-wheel drive, strong grip, climb the walls of the pool freely; great mobility, more flexible movement.

Multidimensional recognition, active obstacle avoidance.

The robot is capable of crossing obstacles and maneuvering around pipes. Suitable for various shapes, sizes and materials, with precise control of the robot's posture to thoroughly clean any dirt on the surface, including the pool bottom, walls and water line, leaving no corners uncleaned.

Experience truly intelligent mapping that delivers exceptional results.

Industry's first integrated ultrasonic and laser sensor, centimeter-level mapping accuracy. Equipped with 7 types of 12 sensors, the robot can autonomously perform complete pool mapping, accurately recreating the pool scene and making it more familiar with your pool conditions.

limpieza inteligente robot bluenexus robot sin cable piscina

No omissions, for greater cleaning efficiency

WSLAM self-developed underwater positioning navigation algorithm, precise intelligent planning for optimal cleaning route, ensures efficient cleaning without leaving any corner untouched. Spiral cleaning path ensures complete coverage without skips.

No collision with walls, no damage to the pool

Collaboration of multiple sensors, accurately detect the walls, steps and obstacles in the pool, slow down and turn in advance to precisely control the posture and prevent brute force collisions as well as damage to the pool caused by the prolonged use.

Safe lithium battery without worry of leakage.

Equipped with a built-in 28500 mAh high-performance lithium battery, which can provide up to 100W continuous power for up to 210 minutes.

No nearby plug-in or pool modifications required, making it ready to use upon receipt.

Eliminates the risk of power leakage from the cable to the water.

Charging time is approximately 3.5 hours, and a single charge is enough for a week of pool cleaning.

Includes an advanced BMS battery management system that provides comprehensive protection to the battery pack, effectively extending its lifespan.

Smart control via app.

With the Sublue Robot APP that supports remote control via WiFi, you can view the real-time cleaning process, filtering data statistics, abnormal status alarms, cleaning records, maintenance reminders of consumables and parts, and other practical functions.

You can schedule cleaning, set cleaning duration, select cleaning mode and check its status in real time. 

5 cleaning modes:

- Smart Cleaning Mode: Uses smart mapping and sweeping with spiral path planning to clean without any skips or dead corners.
- Floor Cleaning Mode: Uses an S-shaped path for the fastest cleaning from the bottom of the pool, completing the task in just 1 hour.

- Wall Cleaning Mode: Provides efficient cleaning of the water lines on the pool walls.

- Comprehensive cleaning mode: Provides complete cleaning of the floor, walls and water line.

- Remote cleaning mode: Manual operation meets specific cleaning needs

limpiafondos bluenexus sin cable limpieza piscina


Video comparison with other models:

Technical specifications:

Especificaciones técnicas robot inteligente piscinas bluenexus sin cable inalámbrico

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Service 10!,

Problems with transportation and after a WhatsApp and a call the next day we received our robot.

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5 Stars. There are 5 of us and we are very happy with the hot water. After searching for information for almost a month on low-consumption hot water systems, we decided on b. heat only hot water. Delivery in just 3 days from the web order.

Delivery was delayed a day due to the height of the package but then everything was perfect.

Thank you :)

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