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Aquacheck Salinity Analysis Kit

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Aquacheck Salinity Analysis Kit

Kit that allows you to analyze the salt level in the pool.

The correct salt level will allow your salt chlorinator to work efficiently.

The kit measures the level of sodium chloride with complete precision in 3-4 minutes

An illustrated instruction guide is attached.

Contains 10 test strips.

Features and benefits:

- Ideal for pools treated with saline chlorinator.

- Measures salt levels between 400 and 7000 ppm in three to four minutes with a small sample of water.

- With the proper levels of salt, your pool's salt chlorinator will generate the correct amount of chlorine to keep the water clean and free of contaminants.

Use tips:

- Fill a small container with approximately 2.5 cm of water from the pool or hot tub.

- Insert the lower end of the strip into the water sample. For accurate results keep the top half of the test strip completely dry.

- When the yellow band turns black, which usually occurs within 3-4 minutes, remove the strip from the water sample and determine where the highest white point (white peak) appears on the numerical scale of the test strip.

- Compare that value with the table included in the bottle.

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