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ALPHA 3 (Autoadapt system) Go Remote & Go Balance

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Grundfos ALPHA3 circulator pump with integrated Bluetooth connectivity

Grundfos ALPHA3 is a circulator pump designed for heating systems and is fully controlled with the Grundfos GO Remote app, allowing you to easily balance radiator and underfloor heating systems.

With the high-efficiency Grundfos ALPHA3 encapsulated rotor circulator pump, it has never been faster or easier to power a pump in domestic heating systems. The ALPHA3 is completely controlled by a smart device using built-in Bluetooth communication. From the moment the circulator pump is installed and connected, all pump operation, including the setup wizard, is available in the GO REMOTE app. Setup and control of the pump is simpler than ever, allowing for smarter, more optimal operation. The Grundfos ALPHA3 pump also includes features for easy flow-based hydraulic balancing using the Grundfos GO BALANCE app.

Grundfos GO REMOTE is our easy-to-use platform for remote product control, selection and information. It gives you quick and intuitive control of all the features of connected pumps, such as the ALPHA3. It also gives you direct access to our online tools, saving valuable time generating reports and collecting data.

In addition, you can balance an entire heating system through the Grundfos GO BALANCE app, with real-time calculations of the flow required in your underfloor heating systems and radiators. A step-by-step guide will guide you through the entire process of hydraulic balancing of all radiators and underfloor heating zones in your home.


- Radiator mode with AUTOADAPT - the simplest option for two-chain radiator heating systems

- Underfloor heating mode with AUTOADAPT: the simplest option for underfloor heating systems

- Combined mode with radiator and underfloor heating for systems with a combination of heating systems.

- For programming and summer mode, a clock allows you to select in real time when the pump should run and when to save energy.

- Simple user interface: the pump is completely operated from the Grundfos GO Remote app.

- Alarm and notification logging with assistance via Grundfos Go Remote.

- No need for external motor protection, thus reducing installation time.

- High torque starting improves ignition in harsh conditions
Dry running protection during ignition and normal operation.

- Maintenance-free thanks to the encapsulated rotor design and use of solid components.

- The ALPHA connector allows for quick and easy electrical installation.

- Insulation casings are supplied with pumps to minimize heat loss in heating systems.

In addition, the pump also has three control modes with progressive set point adjustment, which allows the pump configuration to be adjusted at a given working point:

- Proportional pressure control
- Constant pressure control
- Constant curve mode

The display shows the actual power consumption in watts or the actual flow rate in m3/h. The LEDs indicate the current operating status.


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