Vidrio filtrante activo AFM y AFM® ng (new generation) - Saco 21kg - Q-Tech ®
Vidrio filtrante activo AFM y AFM® ng (new generation) - Saco 21kg - Q-Tech ®
Vidrio filtrante activo AFM y AFM® ng (new generation) - Saco 21kg - Q-Tech ®

AFM and AFM® ng active filter glass (new generation) - 21kg bag

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The result of 35 years of Research and Development, AFM® ng (Activated Filter Media) is the replacement for sand, which can be installed in any type of sand filter without modifications.

Made of green and brown glass, AFM® ng has been subjected to a unique activation process that makes it self-sterilizing and provides greater mechanical and electrostatic filtration performance.

SELF-STERILIZING SURFACE: Resistant to the growth of bacteria.
EXTENDED CONTACT SURFACE: Mesoporous structure, for superior filtration performance.
CHARGED ACTIVATED SURFACE: For the adsorption of the finest particles and the organic matter.


- The healthiest water: Prevents the transmission of pathogens (e.g. Cripstosporidium)
- The most transparent water: Offers a stable filtration ratio of 1 micron.
- The healthiest air: Prevents the formation of toxic byproducts and chlorine odor.
- Lowest operating costs: Savings on wash water and chemicals.
- Most sustainable filtration: Longer lasting than all other filter media


Thanks to its large hydrophobic area and its mesoporous structure, AFM®ng can filter much finer particles (1 micron) and 50% more organic substances than sand .

Why is activation so important? Because it significantly reduces chlorine consumption and guarantees transparent, crystalline water and the best air quality.

AFM® ng offers the finest filtration. Filters with AFM® filter much more than quartz or glass sand.

The renowned independent European filtration laboratory IFTS (Institut de Filtration et des Techniques Separatives) tested AFM®ng in October 2019 along with other silica sand and glass media. The tests have been carried out with the new filter medium and without any biofilm, at a filtration speed of 20m/h without the addition of any type of flocculant and the results have been that AFM®ng is the only one that is capable of filtering the 95% of particles larger than 1 micron.

How should the AFM® ng be used?

• The AFM load on a filter is 15% less than would be necessary for silica sand. This must be taken into account when calculating the AFM load

1 21kg bag of AFM = 1 25kg bag of sand (the volume is the same).

• There are three degrees:

  • AFM® ng Grade 1: 0.4 -0.8 mm
  • AFM® ng Grade 2: 0.7 -2.0 mm
  • AFM® Grade 3: 2, - 4.0 mm

The AFM® ng is the only medium that complies with ISO 9001-2008, Regulation 31 United Kingdom, UNE EN12902 and EN12904 Standards, TÜV Certification from Germany. In addition, it has won numerous awards such as the Barcelona Swimming Pool Show 2009, Smagua 2010, Golden Wave International 2011...

En función del tamaño del filtro, utilice los siguiente grados de AFM®


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