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AstralPool Salt Electrolysis - SEL CLEAR

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Salt chlorinator with self-cleaning electrodes through reverse polarity.
Easy to install and use, specially designed for pools of up to 95m3, it delivers very good value for money. 

For what pool?

- For new pools or existing ones. 

- Three versions:

Sel Clear 30m3 - chlorine production 9,3 gr/h.
Sel Clear 55m3 - chlorine production 13 gr/h.
Sel Clear 95m3 - chlorine production 19gr/h.


- RELAX. Your pool will be automatically disinfected.

- SAFETY. Less handling of chlorine. The system works on the same voltage as a light bulb.

- CLARITY. Clean, safe and crystalline water.

- HEALTH. You will no longer suffer from sore eyes, irritated mucous membranes, dry skin or dry hair. The smell and taste of chlorine will completely disappear from your pool.

- LCD menu.

- 2 years warranty.


User's Manual

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