Panel New Vigilant CTX pH/RX y pH/ppm de pH - Q-Tech ®
Panel New Vigilant CTX pH/RX y pH/ppm de pH - Q-Tech ®

New Vigilant CTX pH/RX and pH/ppm pH Panel

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- Metering pumps with single control.

- Power supply_ 100-240V - 50/60 Hz - 30 W.

- Flow rate: 5 l/h.

- Maximum back pressure: 5 bar.

- Off switch.

- Display 2 lines, 16 multilanguage characters.

- 8/12 mm inlet and outlet hydraulic connections.

- Cadence: 120 impulses/minute.

- Includes 1.5 meter pH electrode.

- Includes RX electrode (in pH/Rx panel) 1.5 meters.

- Includes standard solutions of pH 4/7 and ORP 465mV.

- pH/ppm measurement ranges:

- 0.00....5.00 ppm Cl2 (0.00...12.00 ppm Br).
- 0.00....14.00 pH, precision +/-0.01 pH.
- -1500. ...+1500 mV, precision +/-1 mV (sensor not included).
- 0...50ºC, precision +/-0.1ºC (sensor not included).

- pH/RX measurement ranges:

- 0.00....14.00 pH, precision +/-0.01pH
- -1500.... +1500 mV, precision +/-1mV
- 0...50ºC, precision +/-0.1ºC (sensor not included)

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