Pool automation. If you want to save time, electricity and effort, in our private pool automation solutions you will find an excellent ally to mechanically control aspects as important as cleaning, treatment, purification or even water temperature. Effective systems to make your life easier. Pool automation systems are control modules that maintain the quality levels of the pools to always offer a unique and healthy experience in each swim. By taking care of the hygiene of this space without investing too much time, you will get more out of it with the peace of mind that the recommended conditions for taking a dip are maintained. A swimming pool is a complex system, where many equipment is installed for its correct functioning (filtration system, water treatment, heating...). Thanks to pool automation systems, yours can now be smart and can be more energy efficient, since through automation you will use less energy, save on chemicals and time invested. Furthermore, when the chosen automation includes remote control through an easily programmable remote control, we guarantee complete comfort in pool maintenance, easy, convenient and fast! Do not wait more! Pool automation is the secret to finally enjoying a rewarding swim, more than ever.