Q-Tech presents invisible VIESSMANN, preview of the next ISH 2023.

VIESSMANN Invisible SI 2023.


A compact heating and ventilation system that allows optimal use of the space in the house and the free layout of the interior of the building.The narrow building houses a complete heating and ventilation system.Devices and system elements are hidden behind individually selected decorative panels and remain invisible.

VIESSMANN Invisible 2023.

VIESSMANN Invisible por dentro 2023.

Valuable surfaces.

Real estate prices are constantly increasing. Every square meter of living space becomes even more valuable. The new Invisible heating and ventilation system from Viessmann already offers an innovative solution that allows you to optimally develop and use your valuable space and organize it freely.

New space

Latest generation heat pump, ventilation module with heat and humidity recovery, service water tank and complete accessories: Viessmann Invisible integrates all these components into a compact system and thus creates space for new ventilation concepts. space design.

In addition, 1/3 of the useful surface.

Heating, cooling and ventilation with a unique, modular and complete solution: shallow depth and freedom of positioning allow you to create an additional third of the free useful space in a 11 m² room. See page 14/15.

Invisible technique.

Efficiency can be discreet: perfectly coordinated Viessmann Invisible devices operate invisibly and inaudibly behind individually selected decorative surfaces.

Versatile application possibilities.

Take advantage of Viessmann's innovative All-in-One solution for single-family homes up to 200 m²: Viessmann Invisible's standardized and pre-configured components make it versatile and simplify the planning and design process.

Slender build.

With a construction depth of only 275 mm, the system takes up very little space. The various module layout variants, in series, in blocks or in corners, always allow optimal integration into the building.

Individual surface finish.

You can choose between a version in noble pearl white varnish and a version for individual front finishes in the Manufactureline version.

Consistent independence

With the Viessmann Invisible system, you not only gain freedom of organization.This system, complemented by photovoltaics, reduces residents' dependence on electricity and changing prices.

Gain space, up to 1/3 more usable space: the domestic laundry room of the future.

The example shows that in a technical and service room with independent devices and connections, only a small usable area is left free.Its use is limited to washing machines and dryers.The Viessmann Invisible system, on the other hand, can create new space, for a much larger usable area and two rows of cabinets with integrated appliances.For natural lighting and aesthetic surface finish.The air distributors and lines are hidden in the false ceiling.

Antes y después de VIESSMANN Invisible 2023.

Make, as individual as your projects.

Experience freedom of choice when choosing the finish: you can choose the Basis version in a noble pearl white varnish, or choose the Manufaktur version for individual finishes of the fronts selected by the investor. Wood, kitchen furniture surfaces or mirrors: By implementing such surfaces, you have maximum freedom of arrangement and a stable base ensures safe installation. Remember that the Manufaktur design is intended for the use of material with a thickness of 16 mm.

VIESSMANN Invisible elija su diseño.

Inside, aa new generation of modular devices.

Compact and perfectly adapted to each other. The heat pump, hot water tank and ventilation combine maximum efficiency with quiet and reliable operation.

VIESSMANN por dentro, Vitocal 222 SI - VitoAir FSI - VitoCharge


Heating according to EN 14511 in A7/W35
- Nominal heating power: 6.8 kW, Power regulation: 2.6 to 9 .0 kW
- Coefficient of performance (COP): 5.0
- Energy consumption: 1.36 kW
- Energy efficiency class: A+++

Cooling according to EN 14511 in A35/W18
- Nominal cooling capacity: 6.7 kW, Power regulation: 1.5 to 9 .5 kW
- Coefficient of performance (EER): 5.1
- Energy consumption: 1.31 kW



Stainless steel storage tank with feet to support the ceiling

- Capacity: 250 l
- Heating: charging system through the exchanger
- Maximum consumption of hot water at 40 °C outlet temperature, 53 °C tank temperature and 10 l/min consumption): 330 l - Energy efficiency class profile (
L, XL): A+
- Dimensions (width×height×length): 1200×2100×280 mm
- Weight (empty): 200 kg (Weight to be inserted in 1 module 75 kg)



Enthalpy heat exchanger: no condensate drain needed.
Silencers integrated into the four air channels.
Integrated anemometers to measure actual air flow

- Maximum flow rate: 300 m³/h (at 200 Pa of external system resistance)
- Cross-flow enthalpic heat exchanger with moisture recovery.



Diamond Edge style case in graphite with matching consoles

- Refrigerant: R32
- Outdoor module protection: 1 ×B16A
- Acoustic power in night mode: 50 dB(A)
- Air temperature: -20 to 45 °C
- Dimensions (width×height×length): 1.080 ×850× 500 mm
- Weight: 95 kg



  • Home technology, plumbing and installation integrated into a new single system
  • Maximize usable space in new buildings
  • Low running costs thanks to high COP of up to 5.0 in A7/W35
  • Together with Viessmann One Base and integrated Viessmann Energy Management, high overall system efficiency is achieved
  • Optimal use of your own electricity from the photovoltaic system for maximum independence from the public grid.


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