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ACO Chlorine Stabilizer and catalytic activator

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ACO chlorine stabilizer and catalytic activator, is a very innovative and environmentally friendly product that disinfects water by enhancing the natural disinfection of solar rays. ACO converts the entire volume of the pool into self-sterilizing thanks to the sun.

ACO also protects chlorine from sunlight and UV rays. It is especially effective in outdoor pools.

This multiproduct incorporates an oxidation catalytic activator, a chlorine stabilizer (without cyanuric acid) and a cationic flocculant.

It is injected after the filter and is responsible for trapping negatively charged particles. The ACO reacts with the APF to form a large floc capable of adsorbing ammoniums and urea.

It is mainly characterized by the following 2 functions:

- Chlorine stabilizer "without isocyanuric acid". The ACO protects chlorine and bromine from photo-oxidation. Multiplies the useful life of chlorine by 4-5 and reduces its demand by 30%. Using ACO as a stabilizer, the effectiveness of chlorine will not be reduced as with cyanuric acid. With ACO the opposite happens: oxidation increases as free radicals are formed in the process.

- Oxidizing catalyst: It acts in water together with sunlight, obtaining crystal clear water. Small radicals of hydroxyl, oxygen and superoxides are generated. Disinfects without generating combined chlorine. It can be combined with any oxidizing agent (chlorine, bromine, peroxide).

How to apply it:

- Weekly manual dose: 1 liter / 100m3 per week. 1st dose = 2 liters. Apply directly to the pool (shake well before dosing.

- Monthly manual dose: 4 liters / 100m3 per month. 1st month = 5 liters.

- Automatic dose: 0.5 to 1 ml/m3/h recirculation after the filter.


- 5l containers.

- 20l containers.


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