Bomba de calor Vitocal 262-A de Viessmann para la producción de ACS - Q-Tech ®
Bomba de calor Vitocal 262-A de Viessmann para la producción de ACS - Q-Tech ®
Bomba de calor Vitocal 262-A de Viessmann para la producción de ACS - Q-Tech ®
Bomba de calor Vitocal 262-A de Viessmann para la producción de ACS - Q-Tech ®
Bomba de calor Vitocal 262-A de Viessmann para la producción de ACS - Q-Tech ®

Viessmann Vitocal 262-A heat pump for DHW production

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Heat pumps for the efficient production of domestic hot water

The Vitocal 262-A heat pump uses the heat existing in the outside air to heat the water with minimal expenditure. Therefore, it is suitable for both single-family homes and small businesses.

Two ideal locations for Vitocal 262-A would be, for example, bakeries or server rooms, where above-average heat is generated.

Hybrid version for combination with boiler

The heat pump is optionally available without spiral tube heat exchanger for monovalent use (model T2E). Alternatively, the hybrid version with integrated spiral tube exchanger is offered (model T2H). This model is recommended for updating existing systems. The intelligent control will then select the optimal mode of operation between the heat pump and the heat generator, taking into account energy prices and primary energy factors.

The heat pump is responsible for preheating the water and the existing heat generator is used if necessary for reheating. Therefore, maximum hot water comfort is always guaranteed.

Optionally available for indoor or outdoor air recirculation

In the indoor air recirculation version, the Vitocal 262-A uses the air from the room where it is installed. Part of the heat is obtained from the extracted air and by means of the heat pump it is raised to a usable temperature level (up to 65 °C for greater hygiene of drinking water). Thanks to its use as a dehumidifier/refrigerator, humidity is extracted from the rooms and polluting substances are diverted. In this way, the structure of the building is protected and the air quality in the home is increased.

In outdoor air mode, the device operates in a temperature range of -8 to +40 ° C and can thus be operated also in more extreme climates.

Dry electrical support resistance

The electric version (model T2E) is factory equipped with a dry electric backup heater. The hybrid version with heat exchanger (T2H model) can also be retrofitted with electrical backup resistance. The dry connection protects against calcification and it is not necessary to empty
the storage tank when the electrical backup heater needs to be replaced.


Model T2E

  • DHW tank. with integrated heat pump with dry electric resistance
  • For outdoor air and non-ducted air circulation mode.
  • Accumulator capacity of 298 l
  • Steel battery body, with two-layer Ceraprotect enamelling

Model T2H

  • DHW tank. with integrated heat pump with additional integrated heat exchanger for connection of an external heat generator for hybrid operation (electric heater available as accessory)
  • For outside air and non-ducted air circulation mode


  • Heat pump for the production of DHW.for operation with outside air and circulation air with enamelled hot water tank (volume 300 l)
  • High DHW comfort with a hygienically perfect temperature of up to
    70 °C - model T2E with auxiliary electrical resistance element (1.5 kW) or model T2H with heat generator
  • Model T2H: Intelligent hybrid control for optimized operation
    economical and ecological
  • Low operating costs thanks to the highly
    efficient cooling circuit
  • Very quiet thanks to its independent silent mode
  • DHW temperature up to 70 °C (65 °C with heat pump module and up to 70 °C with electric backup heater or heat generator)
  • Rapid heating function with dry electrical resistance support
  • Simple start-up thanks to its programmed and ready-to-connect control unit
  • Installation in rooms with low ceilings (up to 2m)
  • SmartGrid Compatible (SG Ready)
  • Prepared for optimized use of self-generated photovoltaic electricity – two-stage function (heat pump and electrical backup resistance)
  • Room dehumidification (indoor air recirculation mode)

Technical data and models



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