Termostato de suelo radiante Vicare de Viessmann ZK03838

Viessmann Vicare floor thermostat ZK03838

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Viessmann Vicare underfloor thermostat ref. ZK03838 

Vicare underfloor heating thermostat, capable of controlling up to 6 underfloor heating zones (valve heads at 230 V) and 3 heads per zone through wireless communication (low-power radiofrequency). Each zone requires a climate sensor (wireless ambient probe) (low-power radiofrequency). Underfloor heating thermostat for individual room control.

The ViCare floor thermostat can only be used in conjunction with:

- Heat generator with Viessmann One Base.

- Viessmann heat generator with Vitoconnect, e.g. type OPTO2.

- Vitoconnect, e.g. type OPTO2 without connection to a Viessmann heat generator.

The ViCare floor thermostat and a heat generator with Viessmann One Base or Vitoconnect communicate via low power radio.


- The zones of the ViCare floor thermostat can be included in energy efficient and convenient individual room control.

- Individual automatic time programs and manual operation can also be used in individual room control.

- The ViCare floor thermostat has a switching contact for the heat demand or solenoid valve control.

- In operation with the heat generator with Viessmann One Base or Vitoconnect, e.g. type OPTO2, the heat demand is automatically determined and optimally controlled.

Note: At least 1 temperature value from a ViCare climate sensor is required per heating circuit.

- The ViCare floor thermostat has an internal frost protection function that prevents the pipes from freezing. If the flow temperature falls below approx. 8 °C, the ViCare floor thermostat opens until the flow temperature is reached again.

- Includes a function to protect the heating circuits if communication fails with the heat generator with Viessmann One Base or Vitoconnect, e.g. type OPTO2. The heat demand is activated and all valves are controlled with 10 %. When communication is resumed, the valves return to normal mode.

- The ViCare floor thermostat is compatible for operation with 230 V "normally closed" thermal actuators (on site).

- The ViCare floor thermostat is automatically deactivated by the heat generator with Viessmann One Base or Vitoconnect, e.g. type OPTO2, if the heat generator also interrupts heating operation. E.g. summer mode; only DHW mode is active.

- To prevent the valves from sticking, the valve outputs are opened for 8 minutes every 30 days after they were last actuated.

- The ViCare floor thermostat also functions as a low power radio repeater.

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