Ventilación con Fancoil Briza-Fresh - Q-Tech ®
Ventilación con Fancoil Briza-Fresh - Q-Tech ®

Briza-Fresh Fan Coil Ventilation

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Fresh is a unique combination of balanced and intelligent ventilation, with a Low-H2O design radiator for perfect heating or air conditioning comfort. Jaga Fresh has been designed in response to increasingly demanding regulations in the areas of energy savings, indoor health and comfort.

The result is a compact system that combines six functions. Briza Fresh can heat, ventilate, adjust indoor air quality and filter air, as well as provide decentralized heat recovery. In addition, Briza Fresh can refrigerate. This makes it a recommended system for use in homes, healthcare buildings, offices and hotels.


Briza Fresh has a countercurrent air/air heat exchanger that extracts heat from the indoor air before it flows out of the house. This heat is then transferred to the fresh incoming air. This saves a considerable amount of energy and is also extremely comfortable. Avoid drafts of cold air, which arise as a result of ventilation.

The Low-H2O radiator of the Briza Fresh heats up quickly and transfers the emitted heat directly into the room. The boiler will have to heat up less time and users can start the radiator 20 minutes later in the morning without problem. Strada Fresh also has Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE). This technology ensures that the radiators "think" for themselves and adapt autonomously to circumstances. The system continuously measures air quality and humidity. Excess humidity is detected by sensors and reduced through ventilation. This inhibits the growth of dust mite concentrations and ensures an indoor climate with optimal humidity and no pollution, dust or mites.

In addition, the Briza Fresh can cool. The basis of the Briza Fresh is a dynamic Low-H2O heat exchanger combined with intelligent fans that distribute heat and cold immediately throughout the room. Consequently, the system can react very quickly to changes in temperature.

Reduction in EPC

Briza Fresh provides a significant reduction in EPC.

* Includes remote control, filters, fan coil and power supply.


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