Vaso de expansión para ACS ThermoWave™ de Likitech

Likitech ThermoWave Maintenance Free expansion tank for thermal hot water system

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ThermoWave expansion tanks are specially designed for use in potable water heating applications.

Many homes and buildings have potable water heating systems to provide hot water for washing, cooking, showering, etc. As the water is heated it also expands. This expansion leads to increased system pressure and can cause serious damage. In most systems a relief valve is installed to vent the expanded water volume and prevent the system from exceeding maximum operating pressure. Unfortunately this creates wasted energy as hot water is vented and additional water must be filled and heated again. In order to safely accommodate the natural expansion of water without venting from a relief valve, a ThermoWave expansion tank is used. ThermoWave expansion tanks conserve water and energy while safely maintaining system operating pressures. They do so by temporarily absorbing the expanded water volume instead of allowing it to be vented out of a relief valve. And because ThermoWave expansion tanks use water chambers constructed from high grade butyl diaphragms and virgin polypropylene liners they ensure your potable water remains clean and safe.
ThermoWave expansion tanks are quality tested at several stages on the production line to ensure the structural integrity of every tank.
ThermoWave expansion tanks represent the best value for the investment and are the best quality expansion tanks available today.


  • High grade butyl diaphragm
  • Virgin polypropylene liner
  • Two part polyurethane, epoxy primed paint finish
  • Patented stainless steel water connection
  • Leak free, o-ring sealed air valve cap
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Maintenance free
  • System Connection 3/4" BSP
  • Maximum working pressure: 10 bar / 150 psi
  • Factory pre-charge: 1,9 bar / 28 psi
  • Maximum working temperature 90º / 194ºF



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