Servicios de asistencia avanzada Uponor Smatrix - Q-Tech 2023 - 2024.
Servicios de asistencia avanzada Uponor Smatrix - Q-Tech 2023 - 2024.

Uponor Smatrix Systems - STA Technical Support per HOUR

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Uponor Smatrix Systems - STA Technical Support per HOUR:
- Verification of Smatrix systems, operation.
- Verification of Flexiboard systems, operation.
- Verification of Fluvia systems, operation.
- Verification of electrical diagrams and connections.
- Verification of hydraulic diagrams and connections.

Only includes what is expressly described above.
It does not include any materials, work/repairs, documentation, project, and/or legalization not mentioned in this service.
By accepting/paying for this service, the property confirms that the existing installations where the verification work will be carried out comply with current regulations.

Check availability in your area and timeframe... Thank you :)
Check travel rates.
Inquire about SPECIAL DISCOUNTS when contracting Maintenance services.

Don't just trust our words.


Servicio 10!,

Problemas con el transporte y tras un whatsapp y una llamada al día siguiente recibimos nuestro robot.

Nos llamaron para confirmar que estaba todo ok muy recomendable.

Esther L. S.

Marbella, Málaga


Material recibido en 48hrs,

20 minutos al teléfono para las dudas de instalación y GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS.

Profesionales 100%

Álvaro P.

B. de Salamanca, Madrid


5 Stars. We are a family of 5, and we can't be happier with the hot water. After researching low-consumption hot water systems for nearly a month, we opted for the hot water heat pump. Delivery took only 3 days from the online order.

There was a one-day delay in delivery due to the package's height, but everything else was perfect.

Thank you :)

Angela R. y Lucas A.

El Limonar, Málaga