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RX Chloriprotect Redox control system Avady

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ChloriProtect® makes it possible to measure the level of chlorine in the pool (Cl / mV). It controls the salt chlorinator for optimal dosage avoiding any risk of over-chlorination; preservation of equipment such as tarpaulins with bars, roller shutters or liner.


- Live display of the redox (chlorine) value in mV.
- Adjustable electrolytic salt cell cut-off limit
- Optimal dosage: Control of the electrolytic salt cell to prevent over-chlorination
- Protects equipment (e.g. bar-supported covers, blinds and liners.)
- SIMPLE. Optimum ease of use: one function per button
- SAFE. The control output is protected against overloads
by a 3,15A fuse (max. 700W). The difference in mV between the electrolytic cell start and stop is adjustable.
- WARRANTY. Device: two years
- Supplied with a complete kit for quick and easy installation.


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