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Serie ALPHA1 L

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Thanks to its compact design and tolerance for higher ambient temperatures of up to 55° C, ALPHA1 L fits in the majority of heating installations equipped with Grundfos pumps. This means you can easily replace broken or inefficient pumps without carrying excess spare stock-saving you time, money and space. As always, the Grundfos ALPHA1 L features durable construction and high quality materials. The pump is based on the very best of our previous ALPHA1 models and is designed for easy installation, long lasting and reliable performance, and quiet operation.

Suitable for:

Commercial heating
Commercial hot water recirculation
Domestic hot water recirculation
Domestic heating
Industrial heating


  • Wear and tear resistant ceramic shaft and bearings against particles, fibre as well as magnetite, throughout lifetime
  • 4 screws for easy pump head replacement and fit
  • Easy and user friendly interface makes replacement and resetting simple and fast
  • Deblocking screw accessible from front 
  • Easy electrical wiring using the “Installer plug“ which can be installed in multiple positions 
  • Replaces most Grundfos circulator pumps due to the specially developed impeller


Download Alpha1 L data sheet


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