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ESBE rotary motorized valve Series ARA600

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ESBE Actuator Series ARA600 for operating ESBE mixing valves DN 15–50. The actuators have an operating range of 90° and can easily be manually operated. Patented + Registered design


The ESBE series ARA600 is a compact actuator designed
for operating rotary mixing valves DN 15-50. The actuators ARA6X5, ARA6X6, ARA6X7 and ARA6X8 are controlled by 2-point (on/off) signal, and are recommended for diverting applications. 

The actuators ARA6X1, ARA6X2, ARA6X3 and ARA6X4 are controlled by 3-point signal, and are recommended for mixing applications.

The actuator has an operating range of 90° and the valve can easily be manually operated by the pull-and- turn knob on the front of the actuator.
In addition to the 2-point signal control, all the actuators can also be used for 3-point signal control.


The ESBE actuators with 2-point signal control are available for 24 or 230 V AC, 50 Hz and are supplied with a 1,5 m connection cable attached. Different running times are available, from 15 to 60 seconds.
The ESBE actuators with 3-point signal control are available for 24 or 230 V AC, 50 Hz and it is supplied with an attached 1,5 m connection cable. A wide range of different running times is also available, from 30 to 1200 seconds.
An auxiliary switch, which can be set in any position, is available either as a pre-mounted component fitted to the actuator (ARA6X2 and ARA6X4/ARA6X6 and ARA6X8) or as an optional kit to be ordered separately. The auxiliary switch is easily set by
a unique solution, by just lifting off the turning knob the switch cam is accessible, no tools or disassembly required.

Suitable mixing valvesVálvulas mezcladoras adecuadas

Gracias a la interfaz especial entre el actuador serie ARA600 y las válvulas ESBE serie VRG, VRB y VRH, la unidad en su conjunto tiene una estabilidad y una precisión extraordinarias durante la regulación.

  • Series VRG100
  • Series VRG200
  • Series VRG300
  • Series VRH100
  • Series VRB100
  • Series MG
  • Series G
  • Series F ≤ DN50
  • Series BIV SerieT and TM
  • Series H and HG

Adaptor Kits

The actuator is supplied complete with an adaptor kit for easily fitting onto an ESBE rotary mixing valve series VRG, VRB and VRH. Adaptor kits can also be ordered separately.

Art. No. 16000500 _________________________ESBE valve series VRG, VRB, VRH, G, MG, F, BIV, T, TM, H, HG

Technical Data

Ambient temperature max. + 55ºC / min. -5ºC
Power supply 24 ± 10% V CA, 50Hz / 230 ± 10% V CA, 50 Hz
Power Consumption 24V - 3 VA / 230V - 5 VA 
Enclosure rating IP41
Protection class II
Torque See table
Rating auxiliary switch 6(3) A 250 V CA
Weight 0,4kg
The actuator should be preceded by a multi-pole contact breaker in the fixed installation.


Actuador motor serie ara600 para válvulas vrg de esbe Documentation:

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