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Winterising product without copper

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Product for the maintenance of uncovered pool during the winter period, avoiding the growth of algae and bacteria which cause unclean water calcareous sediments.

- More effective against all kinds of algae whether of the green, black, or mustard variety at lower concentrations.

- Does not cause foaming.

- Compatible with most disinfection treatments.

- Without copper (it does not produce stains in swimming pools of liner, polyester or vinyl). 

- Totally soluble in water.

- Compatible with sand and diatomaceous earth filter.

- When the bathing period is over and maintenance has not yet been abandoned, superchlorinate with Dichloroisocyanuric Acid Granules (15 grs/m3).

- Next day add 5 litres of winter treatment product per 60 m3 of water which should have a pH level between 7,2 and 7,4.

- Pour the necessary dose of product directly into the pool. Switch on the filtration system until the chemical has been evenly distributed throughout the pool.

- It is recommended that this process be repeated half way through the winter period.