Inverlong AstralPool - Invernador Piscina - Q-Tech ®
Inverlong AstralPool - Invernador Piscina - Q-Tech ®

Iverlong - AstralPool

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Iverlong is a floating dispenser which contains disinfectant products, flocculants and algaecides for the maintenance of the swimming pool in winter.
Appearance: Bell-shaped vase with perforable marks. 
Colour: Blue.
Weight: 2 Kg.
Dosage and instructions of use:
Punch a hole in the round marks with a sharp object (for instance a scissors) and you will easily obtain the necessary holes for water gets inside it. Put the dispenser into the water and let it float. 
Approximate duration: 4 - 6 weeks.
Attention: Don't refill this dispenser. It is for one use only.
This dispenser prevents water from decomposing during the time the pool is not used. Before starting the bath it helps to clean the water and get it ready for use.
In containers of 2 Kgs.