Electrodo Célula Zodiac TRi R0758400
Electrodo Célula Zodiac TRi R0758400

Electrode for Zodiac TRi Salt Chlorinator

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Spare electrode / cell for salt chlorinators model Zodiac TRi, TRi Expert and eXO iQ.

4 available models:
▪ Zodiac TRi 10: R0758400 (previous ref. W197401)
▪ Zodiac TRi 18: R0758500 (previous ref. W197412)
▪ Zodiac TRi 22: R0758600 (previous ref. W197432)
▪ Zodiac TRi 35: R0758700 (previous ref. W197442)

Benefits and features:

- Replace your cell and enjoy your Zodiac TRI chlorinator at maximum performance again.

- Simple and fast replacement by the owner of the chlorinator.

- Self-cleaning electrodes by polarity reversal for a long useful life without limescale deposits.

- Titanium alloy construction.

- Compatible with Zodiac TRi, TRi Expert y eXO iQ salt chlorinators.

- Zodiac original spare part.

Contact us if you have any doubt on which spare part you need for your chlorinator.