CTX-70 Surfosan - Desinfectante super concentrado de superficies - Q-Tech ®
CTX-70 Surfosan - Desinfectante super concentrado de superficies - Q-Tech ®

CTX-70 Surfosan - Super concentrated surface disinfectant

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CTX-70 SurfoSAN® is a super concentrated liquid surface sanitizer/disinfectant for swimming pools, saunas, solariums, locker rooms, showers, schools...

CTX-70 SurfoSAN® is a neutral liquid product with powerful sanitizing action and pleasant pine smell to sanitize wet and/or contaminated surfaces.

It is an extraordinary product to sanitize any surface and equipment. Without rinsing. Free of aldehydes.

Characteristics of the CTX-70 SurfoSAN®

CTX-70 SurfoSAN® sanitizes all types of non-hospital surfaces (swimming pools, saunas, solariums, changing rooms, showers, schools, ...):

- Does not contain bleach.

- It has an excellent sanitizing power

Product with neutral pH, suitable for all types of surfaces. Non-corrosive (floors, walls, ceilings, benches in showers, saunas, changing rooms, pool entrances, etc. by spraying)

- Product with neutral pH, suitable for all types of materials. Non-corrosive (plastic materials, metal, glass, ceramics, stone, porcelain, etc.)

- Free of aldehydes

- With deodorant action and pleasant pine aroma.

- Non-ADR product (for land transport of dangerous goods) in formats ≤ 5 l

Dosage and instructions for use:

Use undiluted.

Apply CTX-70 SurfoSAN® daily by spraying the product with a sprayer on the surfaces of benches, walls and floors of showers, saunas, changing rooms, pool entrances, etc.

Allow to dry without rinsing so that the product has a long-lasting sanitizing action.

Minimum recommended contact time: 15 min. (after this time, if you wish, you can rinse the treated surface with water).

Product yield (by spraying on the treatment surface): Consumption = 55 – 60 g / m2 approx.


Contains: benzalkonium chloride and isopropyl alcohol

Free of aldehydes


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